12-12-11 The LPI is a test we take to measure our language proficiency before moving to site.  Basically they ask us how to describe our families, tell about our compounds/houses, and then make… Continue reading

Following a Man with a Machine Gun through a Forest.

12-8-11 So like always I’m sitting in my room, in my bug net (which I’m finding is actually useless because it doesn’t keep out my kryptonite… bed bugs), looking at pictures on my… Continue reading

Christmas Spirit. Men in Wells. Bugs…. such is life.

11-23-11 So I sit here searching for the perfect computer background to SCREAM Christmas while listening to my first Christmas songs of the year… yes I’m a day early… well a day and… Continue reading

Pancakes. The vain of my existence.

11-20-11 The learning curve is insane here in Ethiopia.  The other trainees and I have been cooking dinner at a family’s home every Sunday and trying to cook “American” food with Ethiopian commodities… Continue reading

Pterodactyls on my roof.

11-17-11 So I know I stated last week was really rough, but this week has got to be a bit worse.  I think we’re at the end of the honeymoon period here in… Continue reading

11-11-11… kinda

11-11-11 ooooor 11-1-04 HAPPY 11/11/11!!!!! I Celebrated today at a shibet between class.  I was so excited to see this on my watch that I was just watching it waiting for it to… Continue reading

My beloved town.

10-30-11 / 10-19-04 So I’ve fallen in love; plain and simple.  Korem is gorgeous.  I leave my house/ compound in the morning and on the way out there are banana trees with mountains… Continue reading


10-26-11 You’ll have to follow my blog by the dates that I write in here and not the post date.  I have very limited internet lately which means I will type up my… Continue reading

Baby’s dance moves.

10-22-11 oooooor  10-14-04   So I’m sitting here on my bed in a mosquito net, amazed that I am up at 10:00 pm or 4:00 pm Ethiopian time.  Today has been just a… Continue reading

first few days with family :)

10-3-2004 So where does one begin when they are transplanted into a completely different continent, where they are expected to learn a completely different language, living with a different family, and sitting surrounded… Continue reading