6.28.12 I’ve definitely found myself in a slump lately. Apparently this is what Peace Corps likes to label as part of that down turn on the graph they made of our moods during… Continue reading


Often living in a high stress area you need to debrief/relax.  Some volunteers I know are writers, some bury themselves in learning the language, some have bought a guitar and are really working… Continue reading

Korem = Onions

Living in Korem is much like living in an Onion.  “Wait, what?” I promise it’ll make sense in the end. So how do we describe an onion?  Well, they smell and are a… Continue reading

Getting Things Started

Sorry that I have been MIA lately.  I had training in the South for 2 weeks and then met up with my family in Germany for a week.  It was a much needed… Continue reading

Ferenji Iya, Ferenji Iya!!!!

3/10/12 I’m constantly surprised as to how comfortable I am in my new home.  Can you still consider it new when you’ve lived in a place for about six months?  This week was… Continue reading


What a crazy week.  It was full of adventure, happiness, difficulty, and frustration; talk about the spectrum of emotions.  We’ll start with the hardships and end with my awesome adventures so its left… Continue reading


At times Ethiopia can be the most heart wrenching place to live.  When I walk around the school with Hailu, who grew up in Korem but went to Australia after the war, he… Continue reading

I almost puked on an Ethiopian Orthodox Priest!

1-21-12 Ups and downs, that’s what Peace Corps told us to expect throughout our service here.  Makes sense obviously you’re not going to be flying high the whole time, there will be down… Continue reading

A very merry gana.

I know that I’ve been promising some pictures but its so incredibly slow to upload them to anything right now, so you’ll all have to deal with the few that I can upload… Continue reading


Merry Belated Christmas everyone! In a time so centered around being with family, its pretty hard to be away right now.  I’ve found that with the support of my PCV friends, my family’s… Continue reading