So this is it.

So this is it. It is my last night in Korem, my house, my bed. The last night that I tell my family “Dehna Hideru!” before going to sleep. Tonight I said goodbye to some of my best friends. People who have been here by my side for all of my highs and lows, and honestly its been nothing short of difficult. A hug, a final “I love you”, a “Carla you’ve made Korem so much better for me”, and a single tear from the girls after we finish playing one final game of Go Fish has honestly made me a hot mess of emotions right now. Excited? Sad? What am I feeling?!?!

If you’re an avid reader of my blog you know that Ethiopia, let alone Korem, has been extremely taxing at times. I’ve been on the mountain tops (figuratively and literally) and I’ve been at the deepest of lows here. But regardless of that frustration I have towards it, or those quick and fleeting feelings of “Man I wish I could just trip that kid, or slap that man”, I still will miss this place. I’ve met some truly amazing people here. People who even if we lose contact, will stay with me forever. People who have changed who I am.

Today was the perfect way to say goodbye for me. I spent time with the people who I cherish most here. I was able to have lunch and coffee with the family, tea and donuts with the 2 youngest, and then finish the day eating tibs and drinking beers with people who have truly supported me along the way. My AMAZING friends who sat and drank tea for hours while discussing every detail of Friends episodes, or sat in the Police office with me after my purse was stolen a year ago, or noticed I was drowning in town with work and the people and offered that helpful hand. I feel so blessed to have been able spend my final night with these amazing people.

I thought it was hard leaving my family in America to live in Ethiopia for 2 years, but now I’m leaving my family in Ethiopia for America and don’t know if I’ll ever see them again and honestly this just sucks. I am happy I’m coming home, seeing my family and friends is all I’ve wanted for a few months now, but I will miss these people so so sooo much.