Good news friends, I’m coming home! My service here in Ethiopia officially ends October 7th, leaving me with only a few weeks left!


Its an interesting thing knowing I’m leaving soon. I’m seeing little things that I’d often overlook during my past two years. I seem to cherish the simple little things a bit more than usual. Not that I haven’t really learned that my whole time here, but its hard to really appreciate that one kid screaming your name when 10 more are screaming “China”.  I’ve started to really appreciate the hugs and kisses from my friends, and I challenge anyone to give a better hug than my landlady. The other day I gave her these nice button up shirts for her to wear to school and she jumped up off the ground and just hugged me for about a really long time, long enough to get the little girls giggling; gosh so embarrassing mom. My neighborhood has an crazy amount of little kids in it and I love when I step out of my  and I have atleast 3 people scream my name just to say hi. The other day I was on the phone with my friend walking back to my house and I get stopped by 3 4 year olds. These 4 year olds who look about the size of a large 2 year old, decide their going to start joking with me. “Carla, how many months do you have left?” “Are you going to America?” “Are you taking us with you?” After asking how old they are they all start making up ages, Hermayla tells me she is 4, the other two decide they are going to be 7 and 300. This whole time I’m on the phone with my friend and after I say goodbye to the little kids she just tells me she has no idea what we were talking about but it was adorable to listen to.


I often joke with people here that all my friends here average out to the age of 5. But I’ve come up with a few reasons for this…

  1. They never judge me.
  2. They don’t laugh when I try to speak but instead realize our Amharic levels are pretty similar.
  3. They aren’t afraid to come up and say hi
  4. They are completely content in sitting with me and talking or telling me this grand story while I do my laundry.
  1. They only ask for my attention and the occasional carrot. They don’t demand much else from me.
  1. In their eyes I’m not always different.


Who knew that 5 year olds would be some of the best people I meet in Ethiopia? I’d love for you guys to get to know a few of them…




Name: Hermayla

Age: 7

Likes: The color Red, coloring, and playing UNO

Dislikes: When her mom doesn’t listen to her and when her little sister gets something and she doesn’t.

Common Phrase said to me: lately she keeps speaking fake english. She sounds like she is saying something but it makes no sense.



Name: Dehlina

Age: 5

Likes: Shiro wat and giving you a very disapproving look while shaking her finger at you.

Dislikes: Tickling, when her older sisters mess with her, and lentil wat.

Common Phrase said to me: ‘Imbi’ -> I wont do it.


Name: Samira

Age: 6

Likes: Hanging out with the older girls and playing house.

Dislikes: Really not sure, she is seemingly always happy.

Common phrase said to me: ‘Carla say hello to Amir’ (Amir is her little brother)



Name: Baby (I don’t actually know his real name)

Age: 4

Likes: Getting tossed in the air and watching after his cows.

Dislikes: His older sisters telling him what to do.

Common Phrase said to me: ‘up, up!’