So this is it.

So this is it. It is my last night in Korem, my house, my bed. The last night that I tell my family “Dehna Hideru!” before going to sleep. Tonight I said goodbye… Continue reading


Good news friends, I’m coming home! My service here in Ethiopia officially ends October 7th, leaving me with only a few weeks left!   Its an interesting thing knowing I’m leaving soon. I’m… Continue reading

Rainy day blues.

I was talking to my mom the other day about how boring small towns can be during rainy season. “Mom. There just isn’t anything to do, I’ve done it all,” I complained to… Continue reading

Traveling within Ethiopia.

I sit here in a nearly empty Korem bus in the Mekelle bus station. I’m incredibly surprised how something that appears so chaotic exists and is a large part of life here in… Continue reading

Peace Corps isn’t real life? Prove it.

I have to apologize yet again for my absence. It’s hard to hit my year mark and still write about my new and exciting adventures because many things are either routine or just… Continue reading

Tree Nurseries

Why is it that tree nurseries in this country have to be so far away? Saturday morning I got a phone call from my coworker saying that there is a 3 day training… Continue reading


I’m incredibly sorry for leaving everyone hanging for around 2 months, usually I’m better about this. In the past two months it went from something moving at snail speed to the month of… Continue reading

5 emotions before lunch = a normal day in Ethiopia

Ok so I’m nearly a year into service… such a crazy thought but with this one year, I’ve learned so much.  I’ve learned more this year than 16 years of education, although it… Continue reading


It’s been a while since I last blogged, and that one didn’t even really make sense because it was a hodge-podge of random blogs started and never finished. I’ll just update you on… Continue reading

Its the little things.

I’m kicking myself because I haven’t been able to finish writing a blog post in a while now.  I start them with strong emotion either good or bad with the strong hold intent… Continue reading